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Whether you play in land casinos or online we have several useful tips that you can take away and use today. All information is completely free, and strategy cards can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. Never buy a strategy card again!

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Blackjack Rules

People often (mistakenly) believe that blackjack is a complicated game, or that you have to be a maths whizz to do well. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While films like Rain Man or 21 give the impression that you have to be especially skilled to play blackjack or to count cards, in reality anyone can learn blackjack quickly and with practice, become a skilled blackjack player.

The basic objective of the game is to get a higher card score than the dealer, without busting. Getting a total of 21 on your first two cards is called a ‘natural’ or blackjack and pays you 3/2. Do not listen to people who say you have to get as close to 21 as possible. You can win by standing on a relatively low hand total if the dealer busts (takes cards totalling above 21)…(more)

Blackjack Strategy

firefoxBlackjack strategy means knowing the best play for any given hand. Many people have heard of ‘basic strategy’ or ‘perfect strategy’ but few really know what these terms mean. Firstly it is important to realise that there is not just one basic strategy but several depending upon which game rules you are playing (number of decks, whether dealer hits soft 17 etc).

For players who are brand new to the game, we suggest learning our eight simple blackjack strategy rules. Following these will reduce the house edge (the casino’s advantage) to less than 1%. This means that on average, for every $100 you wager, your expected loss is only $1. This makes for a very cheap night’s entertainment, and you may even benefit from complimentary drinks on top….(more)


High Rollers

High rollers can be found playing in online casinos just as frequently as in the VIP lounges in Vegas or London. High rollers are wealthy, not averse to risk and love the thrill of winning vast sums of money. To be in with a chance of winning big, the high roller has to be prepared to gamble big. Read our high roller guide for the best of land-based and online casinos… (more)

Low Limit Blackjack

Red chip player? Looking to play for even less than $5? We’ve searched out some of the cheapest places to play online.

We know that $5 minimums can seem a little intimidating, so when graduating from free play, be sure to try these lower limit games first. With minimum bets starting at just ¢5, there’s something for every low limit player… (more)


Blackjack tournaments can be extremely exciting playing environments, adding another competitive edge to the game. Tournament blackjack play is unlike any other 21 experience, requiring special playing strategies to gain an advantage over the other players at your table.

In order to progress up through the rounds, you need to end each game with more chips than your competitors at the table. More akin to poker, tournament blackjack can offer substantial prize pots to winning players, as well as the bragging rights for a lifetime!

Read our uncomplicated introduction to tournament play and pick up some insider tips to gain the edge over the competition. Even if you have never competed in a blackjack tournament before, read the guide to see if tournament blackjack seems appealing…(more)

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